NZ Choir

there is a video of the NZ choir and my choir singing Adele’s song “Someone like you” the video stopped just before then end as the memory card was full. (not my fault) but as Pam said n heer blog “it still think it’s worth watchin!”

New Zealand Choir

Today is Tuesday and my billet is over from New Zealand, her name is Courtney. She has blond hair and is medium size.
On Tuesday the N.Z choir landed in Australia. We all waited in the hall to meet our billets and it was good because I had already met my billet, so I knew what she looked like. We had our lunch while they ate subway that was supplied by the school. We all went out side to eat because it was a lovely day. All the New Zealand  kept complaining because it was so hot, because over there their hot day is 18 decrease.

After we ate our lunch I gave Courtney a tour of the school. after she got changed in to her shorts. When he bell we went inside a talked and then the New Zealand’s introduced themselves. when we got in to groups in my group was Courtney, Trevy, Erin G and me. What we had to do was pretend that we were on  a movie set and we had just met up with a friend that we haven’t seen in 20 years, and in every sentence we had to had a title of a movie on it. It was so funny. We started off ours like this.

Hi i’m Harry Potter

I’m not Harry I’m Paul.

Then we had to shear it with  the class. and for each song title you got 2 points and you got bonus points for creativity. In the end we got 47 points, but one group got 67 points. I think that my group came 4th.

After we did ETM aka to the New Zealand Jump Jam. It was lots of fun.

When we got home I gave her the GRAND tour of my house. She seemed to settle in to our family quite well. We had schnitzel for dinner ( I don’t like it so i didn’t eat it all!) After dinner we went a sat in room and talked. Then I went and had a shower then we went to bed.

I.B Projects

Each year all the year 6/7 do a project. You can chose to do any thing you want from making a table to writing a book. Last year I did a scrapbook about a footy club called CBCOCFC that stands for christian brothers collage old collegians football club

This year I wanted to do somthing that I could take photos. So my big sister ame up with the best idea. It was……………………. to make a calendar. So I made do different styles of calendar the first one I made was one that was lanscape and the other one I did was one that had the 12 months on a different page.

I really enjoyed doing my I.B project.

40 hour famine for World Vision

Last friday our school did the 40 hour famine for World Vision. Some people in our class went without food although they will be giving something up. Classes are all giving up somthing some people are giving up books or furniture. Our class has given up talking! If you knew my class you would know that that is going to be a very big challenge. However the kids will rise to the occasion when they have a reason for doing something they are pretty dedicated.

The day of the 40 hour famine it was very diffcult because I love talking but it knew it was a great cause. Though out the day I saw some people talking. At the end of the day I was talking like mad and I was very pleased with myself.

100 cupboards

At the beginning of the week we started reading our class novel for this term. It is a fantasy story about Henry who goes to live with his aunt and uncle when his parents go missing. In his attic bedroom he discovers 99 doors all leading to different worlds. We have read the first couple of chapters so far, and I think it’s going to be an interesting book generating lots of discussion.
Can’t wait to see what happens next!


Term 3 has started 3 days ago for schools around Australia. I really enjoyed my holidays. I really want them to end, but wanted to see all of my friends!

This term we have some changes to our room. Hannah P has left the school , Hannah F isn’t coming to school this Term (but she is gomming to school next term! 🙂 and Lachlan S returned from half a year in Melbourne.
This term we have
• Festival Music Choir
• Gymnastics
• Netball
• Blogging
• And much more

This is my last semester at Primary school!!

Did everyone enjoy last term?!